Radio Intelligence Apps Suite


Radio Intelligence Apps Suite (RIA) by Qoherent is an AI development platform for software-defined radios, designed for radio signal processing engineers and researchers in wireless technologies. RIA accelerates intelligent radio development by significantly reducing integration between stages, allowing a sharper focus on innovation. The platform streamlines dataset creation, algorithm design, and model deployment, enhancing productivity and reducing project timelines. Built on a foundation of open-source accessibility, a comprehensive IP library, and automation capabilities, RIA drives the creation of intelligent radios, unlocking solutions in an increasingly congested and challenged wireless spectrum.

The RIA Suite, and RIA Open Source Project is coming soon.

End-to-end workflow for deploying machine learning into software-defined radios

  • Supports signal generation in python, GNU Radio and MATLAB as well as controlling a SDR testbeds for over-the-air emulation.
  • Automated design and training for producing high performance models.
  • Interoperable with several popular signal processing and deep learning back ends.
  • Automated testing, integration, and deployment into SDR-enabled systems, including OpenRAN-ready 5G solutions.

Comprehensive reference library

  • Includes popular off-the-shelf deep learning algorithms, adapted for radio applications.
  • Open Source and community libraries.
  • Synthesizers, recordings, pre-trained models, and API’s for accelerating the time to prototype.

RIA is currenty in a private beta - to gain early access, please fill out the this form.